Urban Classics Ladies 3-Tone Stand Up Collar

Urban Classics Ladies 3-Tone Stand Up Collar Pull Over Jacket white/firered/brightblue - L

Exciting colors, wide cut: this overcoat with stand-up collar leaves no wishes unanswered. An elastic waistband at hem and sleeves as well as a stand-up collar with zipper provide comfort and functionality. Taffeta lining regulates the climate on the inside. Keys and other essentials are safely stored inside the zipper pockets. Smart contrasting stripes make for a trendy look. Wear it, while performing your running session or at a cozy get-together with friends. Your style, your choice. Farba: white/firered/brightblue Zloženie: Futter 1: 100% Polyester, 230T Taffeta , 70 GSMOberstoff 1: 100% Polyester, 75D*75D, 106 GSM

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