Urban Classics Crinkle Nylon Anorak white

Urban Classics Crinkle Nylon Anorak white - 3XL

Looking for a casual jacket in trendy crinkle look? Look no more! This fine piece of a windbreaker adapts to the rest of your wardrobe in no time and complements it in a relaxed manner. As a true all-rounder it stays in every neighborhood at ease and offer well thought-out details such as contrasting drawstring with stoppers on the hood, contrasting zipper on the front, and a block stripe running all around at its center. Farba: white Zloženie: Futter 1: 100% Polyester, Mesh, 130 GSMFutter 2: 100% Baumwolle, 230T Taffeta, 68 GSMOberstoff 1: 100% Nylon, 260T 70D*70D crinkle, Oberstoff 2: 100% Polyester, 260T 75D*75D crinkle,

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