Urban Classics Brandit Pea Coat black -

Urban Classics Brandit Pea Coat black - XL

Chic and dashing: this pea coat in classic uniform style is ready to make its entrance and strikes an excellent pose at any time. This being said, if you want to dress a little more gentlemanly, this short coat is guaranteed to get on well and draws attention. It is always a safe dressing choice, especially on seasons with indecisive temperature up and downs. Combine with black or brown leather shoes, jeans or dark trousers and a Fisherman beanie for the extra pep. Farba: black Zloženie: Futter 1: 100% Polyester, , Futter 2: 100% Baumwolle, , Oberstoff 1: 50% Wolle 50% Polyester, , Wattierung: 100% Polyester, ,

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