Starter College Jacket black/white - L

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A sporty and dynamic men's jacket in the authentic US college style. The colors black and white are cleverly combined for maximum effect. White faux leather sleeves contrast with the black body of the jacket. The right college vibe is being delivered through double-striped cuffs on sleeves and hem as well as from a light collar in the same style. Rich in contrast is the white button facing on the front. Incidentally, the college jacket includes the official Starter branding: an embroidered lettering across the back and an embroidered logo on the cuff of the left sleeve. Farba: black/white Zloženie: Futter 1: 100% Polyester, 230T Taffeta, 70 GSMOberstoff 1: 50% Wolle 50% Viskose, , 500 GSMOberstoff 2: 65% Polyurethan 35% Viskose, imitation leather, 320 GSMWattierung: 100% Polyester, Padding,